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Spirit of the Buffalo and 2020

The life of an artist has always been a precarious life especially for one that subsists entirely from the sales of art like I do. Art is a luxury item that isn't really "essential". I would argue that belief though since Lakota believe that one of the seven things we have to do to be Human is to "Make Things".

In this crazy time it is all important that artists keep creating and making things that people can connect with and stimulate our minds and thoughts.

The year 2020 was going to be an exciting year for me as I suppose it was for everyone else. Firstly, my artist in residence at the Institute of American Indian Arts was to begin on March 20th - April 29th. It was cancelled a week before we were to leave. Then the largest art market for us (Santa Fe Indian Market) was cancelled. That market provided us with 80% of our yearly income.

But, we have some of the most awesome followers of our art who are still committed to their orders and we have a few commissions to follow through with. This has also made me look at different ways of getting my art out there to the world.

I am committed to my art and the Spirit of the Buffalo since this is where my material I work with comes from. We have been taken care of many times when times were tough for us. I have always felt like we have been blessed and watched over.

I have been staying focused and am working hard to finally get my inventory up since for the last few years (since winning Best of Show at Santa Fe) I have been behind on many of our favorite pieces that people love.

Like my Ancestors did I try to live my life like our Relatives the Buffalo. I will put my head down and go head first into the storm!

Thank you everyone that have followed us along on our journey. Please be sure to keep following as I know the best is yet to come!

Stay Safe and Be Well

Peace and Love


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