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After Two Years.....FINALLY!

Hello everyone. Hope this post finds you all doing good and having a great and safe summer!

It has been busy here at the Bombing Range Art Studio! I have been getting back into making things but not like I was before the pandemic. But, I am happy to be getting back into the flow of things again and am inspired and excited to get to work on some ideas I have been dreaming about.

Well, looks like the Santa Fe Indian Market is a GO! I have been pretty excited about getting to New Mexico again to see my friends! Val and I have really missed the inspiration, stimulation and encouragement we get from our good friends.

The Market is going to be different this year in a few different ways but, I expect to see the same top notch art and artist that will be showing.

The booths have all been moved around and I won't be in the same spot I have been in for 20 years now. I thought it was the best place and liked it there a lot. I will now be right in the Plaza (under a nice tree I hope!).

We are looking forward to seeing everyone and hope you all come by and say hi!

Be safe and take care of your loved ones and we'll see you all down the road!

Peace and Love

Kevin Pourer


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