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Hitting the Road...... AGAIN!

It's been a looooong road getting through these Covid times. We stayed safe, got vaccinated and are thankful to have kept our health and made it this far.

We were home bound for 16 months without going to any art shows or gallery showings. Finally, after all this time, we were invited to attend and come and interview and view the exhibition I am part of at The Idyllwild Art Center at Idyllwild, CA.

Valerie and I were reenergized and recharged by the Energy of being with the other artist that were there! I knew but I guess didn't realize how I thrive on being around other creative people. We missed it so much and were so grateful to Idyllwild for bringing us out there to participate.

This "Artist Talk" can be viewed here on YouTube....

We had so much fun! We talked about art, the art business, communities, and the future of Native art. I just couldn't get enough. One night we all even stayed up late and helped with resident muralist with her mural. It was great!

I am back in the studio again rebuilding my jewelry inventory. I struggled during the pandemic with my creativity. I was stuck and could not focus. With the Santa Fe Indian Market back on track to be held in person again this August and other things happening after I feel like making things again.

One other thing to tell you about that we are excited about is a puzzle we have coming out! We were contacted by a friend of ours who started a Native artist inspired puzzle company. There are three of us Native artists who were chosen for the first images to by put on 1000 piece puzzles. These puzzles will give Native artists a chance to represent true Native American imagery.

Soon to go on sale at

Santa Fe Indian Market coming up FAST!! The market will be scaled way back from 1200 artists to only 500 this year. I am grateful for being one that was selected to participate.

This year the market date is August 21 & 22nd. Check it out at

I've really been slack at getting out information about what has been going on with my art. I am so appreciative that you signed up for the newsletters and thank you for your support and interest in what I do.

Stay tuned for more news coming up soon!

Thank you again!

Kevin Pourier


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