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Pine Ridge Couple's Art Wins Best Of Show At Santa Fe Indian Market
By VICTORIA WICKS • SEP 24, 2018  SDPB Radio

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SD Artist Sells Third Piece To Smithsonian Institute
By CHYNNA LOCKETT • OCT 26, 2018  SDPB Radio

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Statue Native people say represents genocide removed Oglala Lakota artist talks about his award-winning belt
NATIONAL NATIVE NEWS | September 24, 2018 c

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Lakota Artist’s Testimony To Native Women Smithsonian Bound
November 01, 2018 BY JIM KENT | Lakota Country Times

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Monarch Heroes 

OLC Historical Center’s Summer Art Series welcomes Kevin Pourier | By Aly Duncan Neely | Native Sun News 2016-07-20

Lakota Artist At Smithsonian's NYC Native Art Market | JIM KENT | DEC 4, 2015 |

Western Art Collector  | February 2012 pgs. 49, 52

Shapeshifting Exhibit at Peabody Essex Museum | Photo & Write up 
Western Art & Architecture |Winter/Spring 2011 pgs.64-65 Artists to Watch

Masters of Contemporary Indian Jewelry 2009 |pg. 183-186 Artist Profile

NMAI Smithsonian Magazine |Summer 2007 pg. 29 Hit the Trail Photos

Santa Fe Trend |Summer 2007 pg. 42 Innovations in Indian Country Photos

Southwest Art |Sept. 2006, pg. 42 - Native Arts Feature

Native People Arts & Lifestyles |Sept/Oct 2006, pg 18 - On the Wind Honoring

Santa Fe Indian Market Magazine | 2006 |Collector's Edition, pg. 131 - Winning Works

American Craft Magazine | 2006 Feb/Mar - |Changing Hands Feature, pg. 76 - Photo

Native Peoples | 2005 July/Aug - Indian Market Preview, pg. 46 - Fellowship Profile

Cowboys & Indians |2004 September, 2004 - pg. 70, Artisan Profile

Native Peoples | 1999 Volume 1, no. 2 Fall Issue, pgs. 32-34 - Photo Private Collection in Arizona

North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment |1998, pg. 4 - Photo Lois Sherr Dubin

American Indian and the Natural World | 1998, pg. 104 - Photo Marsha C.Bol, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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Bison World |1998 Volume 23, no. 2 April-May, Issue Cover Art

 Indian Artist |1997 Volume , no. 2 Spring Issue |Emerging Artist

Native Peoples |1996 Volume 9, no. 4 Summer Issue | Artist’s Profile

First American Art Magazine spread…… 6 PAGES!
Lots of great photos of art!

First American Art Issue No. 4, Fall 2014  Check out the most in-depth, insightful coverage of Indigenous art of the Americas. Featured:
Kevin Pourier, Oglala Lakota buffalo horn carver and jeweler, by Mary Bordeaux (Sicangu Lakota)

OLC Historical Center’s Summer Art Series welcomes Kevin Pourier
By Aly Duncan Neely | Native Sun News

Native Arts | Kevin Pourier | Southwest Art Magazine 
A Lakota artist specializing in buffalo-horn jewelry brings new attention to the medium.

“Swallowtail Horn Cup” by Kevin Pourier
museum freak, june 30, 2012

Home & Away Gallery - view some of our work for sale

Kevin Pourier 
By Indyke, Dottie
Magazine article from Southwest Art, Vol. 36, No. 4

Artists depict Wounded Knee massacre, occupation
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal | March 2012

Wicked Questions
An artist-led intervention that invites all people to respond to climate change deeply personally & collectively. Photo to the right part of our intervention.

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