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Moving on with 2022

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I last did a update on what all has been going on.

We (Valerie and I ) just got back from our yearly big market at Santa Fe, NM.

It was so great to get on the road again and see our friends. The first night we arrived we got to see our good friend who was gracious enough to let us stay in a house she was fixing up. It was beautiful and peaceful staying out at Santa Clara Pueblo.

We kept our big gathering parties to a minimum since Covid is still a thing and there had been reported cases while we were there. So just visited with some close friends at dinners and coffee breaks.

I was so rejuvenating to be surrounded with such creative people to break me out of my low spot I seemed to be in from the whole summer of being so isolated. The good thing was that I did make a few very beautiful pieces that I was very proud of.

Here are a few photos of the new pieces I entered for competition.

A first place ribbon for the "Lakota Medicine" Belt and an Honorable Mention ribbon for our "Honoring Two Spirits" Buffalo Horn Spoon.

I was so happy with all the great comments and support we received from everyone who saw out work! It is such a regenerating feeling to get feedback and positive comments. I feel ready to get back in the studio and get some more awesome pieces to show at our next Market!

It was a much needed break and rest (even though I didn't leave my booth for two days) from the daily grind and heat. But , I am recharged and excited to get on to my next projects.

Stay tuned and be ready for my next postings of some new things we will have coming out. All the pieces pictured above are still available except for the spoon. That will be going to a new collector from California!

Thank you all for following me a supporting me in my work. I am still the only artist in the country that is doing something no one else is doing. I continue to push the boundaries of what I can do and have some awesome ideas still to come.

If anyone is interested in doing something with me in some kind of art venues please feel free to contact me I am always interested in different directions with art, education or whatever else is happening.

Peace, Love and Light to you all

Kevin Pourier


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