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New Mexico Chile Fix

Spring has finally sprung here in the Badlands! Most of the birds have returned and are singing their songs, the frogs are singing all night long and tulips are up!

A few weeks ago Val and I decided it was time for a break after this long, cold winter we had. We had met with the owner of King Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ in March and came to the conclusion that Buffalo Horn Art HAD to be part of this beautiful galleries fine collection of art! There is also a King Galleries in Santa Fe that is what I would describe as one of the most beautiful galleries I've ever been in. Our work will be shown there also!

At this same time the magazine Western Art & Architecture called and wanted to do a story about me and my art. The writer was from Santa Fe so we decided we would go and do the interview in person in King Galleries! Doesn't take much to talk Val and me into going to NM!

We met at the gallery and interviewed amoungst all the beautiful art there. Checked out our art and new display and lighting set up. It was all an amazing thing! Val and I are still pinching ourselves about all this exposure we have gotten since winning the Best of Show!

Of course, the trip included visiting with all our artist friends. There is nothing like hanging out and talking about art and our art world. I think every meal was spent eating the amazing NM cuisine and having some cool people to do it with! I LOVE my job!!

We are home again now and making some "New" really cool pieces to put in the new gallery for the summer. We are also working hard creating new pieces for our inventory to bring to our next show so, be ready to come check it out!

It was a quick trip as we were also going to be interviewed by SDPB radio and tv as soon as we got back to SD!

You can watch this space or our other online spaces on Instagram and Facebook artist page.

Thank you all for following our art and this amazing adventure we've been on!



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