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Seasons Changing

Hi Everybody!

Hope this message finds you all doing well and you are all healthy and staying strong.

We are now moving into the beautiful fall season here in Lakota Land. This summer was a very hot one and so are very happy to see the cooler weather come along. The Monarch butterflies that hung out here all summer have headed south to be with their relatives for the winter, Sandhill Cranes are just starting to come over the badlands in their beautiful slow circles climbing higher and higher all the time singing their amazing songs. It is a time of year we really love.

This summer has been quite the learning experience for us all. For us all our travel to our art markets cancelled. We miss seeing all our friends we see through out the season. Now, we just found out our next big market next March in Phoenix, The Heard Museum has now cancelled and is going to go "Virtual". Just as Santa Fe Indian Market and next the Autry Museum went "Virtual" we hope that things straighten out and we can all get back to our "normal" lives.

Work here at the Bombing Range Art Studio has been somewhat slow and hard to stay focused. I get energized speaking with my peers and have been reaching out a lot. I am fortunate to have a great support system with my friends.

A few days ago I felt very excited about the work I had just done. I went and prepared four buffalo horns and made them into spoons. I've had some great ideas in my head and am anxious to get started on some amazing cool new pieces! Just holding on to the horn, feeling the material and thinking about how many times my ancestors made these same shapes with the same material really put me into a beautiful and save place in my mind. I am truly grateful for everything in my life and love what I do even though there is so much uncertainty in the art business. We Power ON!!

Hope you like the photos of the beginning of my process. The one spoon I am holding has me very excited! It's a different shape and I've had some pretty wild ideas. Stay tuned!

Thank you all who have signed up for these updates and for supporting my art.

I will be posting again soon of a piece I am commissioned to make. The only requirement of this new piece is that I make it "Political"...... MY FAVORITE SUBJECT!!

Hope you have a great upcoming week and stay safe and healthy.

Peace and Love!



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