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Media Promotion Galore!

Firstly, I really want to thank you all who have been following Valerie and me on this amazing journey we've been on for the past year! We really appreciate it!

This past May Val and I went to Santa Fe to talk to our "New" gallery we've joined (King Galleries) and to interview with the magazine Western Art & Architecture. The interview was originally only going to be a photo of a piece of our art and a small blurb. We met at King Gallery, a BEAUTIFUL gallery by the way, and talked for almost 2 hours! I guess when you get me started talking I don't quit!! Anyway, the interviewer was so interested he told the editor and they decided to go with a full on story! WOW!

The Aug/Sept issue we are in is now on the news stands! I haven't seen a hard copy yet but, they sent me a few images of what's in the magazine.

There are going to be two or three other magazines out the month of August that will be doing some coverage of our work too so, stay tuned! I will share with you all what magazines and where to get them.

Here are a few images from Western Art & Architecture magazine, which is a beautifully done shiny magazine, if you haven't seen it be sure and check it out.

Thank you all again!

Hope you all are having the BEST summer!

See you all down the road!

Kevin Pourier

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