• Kevin Pourier

Artist in Residence in Santa Fe, NM

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are having a great winter so far! I have been in the studio full time, except that one day I had to cut a load of firewood for the studio, trying to keep up with inventory for our shows. It is keeping me BUSY to say the least! I LOVE my job!

I wanted to put the word out that a few weeks ago I was contacted by the Drury Inn at Santa Fe, NM about doing a four day residency at the Inn. We are very excited to be doing a show and demonstrating how I create some of the buffalo horn art that I make.

The Drury Inn is a beautiful hotel near the Plaza in Santa Fe and I am excited to be the first artist to start out this residency program the Hotel is beginning.

I will be setting up there on Thursday and demonstrating for four days until Sunday.

If you are in the area please come by and visit and check out the new things we will be bringing. It's going to be a more laid back atmosphere since it isn't a market and I will be able to spend more time explaining and talking about my art.

A couple of days ago I put up some lights in my studio just to add some festive vibes. I LOVE it!! It's just a small simple thing but, when those lights come on it puts a smile on my face! :)

Thank you all for supporting and following my art! You all are GREAT!

ps....... I had to shut my little store I had on my website because I was getting so many orders it was putting a strain on my making of show pieces. Well, just wanted to tell you all it is now again OPEN!! I make things as I get orders so if you do order please be patient.


Kevin Pourier

1462 N BIA 125, Scenic, SD 57780

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