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Bombing Range Art Studio Happenings 2020

Hello everyone! WOW! Okay, we all know what's going on for the last 6 months.. at least most of us! So, I won't go into that.

Here at the Bombing Range Art Studio things have picked up! After my Artist in Residence at the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe was cancelled I was contacted by the institution to do some "online" classes. So, I hooked up some WiFi in my studio.

I got my first laptop and am now doing classes with IAIA and scheduling more in the near future. I've also been doing zoom meetings almost every week and even though it's not in person I think I've had more contact with artists than I ever had. Even though it's not the same as being in Santa Fe with my friends and enjoying all the cool things NM has to offer I'll take what I can get!

I have had a little bit of hard time focusing on my art but, come to the studio everyday and am working on smaller pieces and orders. It's a whole different world for artists now and I am just trying to stay relevant and up on everything.

Here are a few of the new smaller things I have been working on. Even though these pieces are smaller they are still very detailed and complicated to make.

These tiny Ladybugs! So hard to hold and work with! I lost three of these somewhere after they just flew out of my hands while sanding and polishing! Then I posted pictures and got more orders and now I'm seeing ladybugs everywhere I look! Ha!

Santa Fe Indian Market was cancelled for this year. So, "Virtual" Market is going on now!

You can visit the market and all that's happening here

My SWAIA landing page is here....

From my landing page you can find a link to my website and my "Shop Now" page to see what I have available in my "Virtual Booth". I will be adding more every few days as I finish new things so be sure and check back often. Also.....hopefully.... I will be sharing some AWESOME news in a few days! Stay tuned!!

It's been a hot, dry summer here in the Badlands of Lakota Land! We are staying cool here in the studio. Can't wait to get back to normal and we can open our doors to visitors. Always enjoy having people come to visit and shoot the breeze!

Keep safe everyone and enjoy every minute! Thank you for following my art!


Kevin Pourier


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