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AiR "Artist in Residence" Institute of American Indian Art

While we were in Santa Fe last December I received a phone call from the Institute of American Indian Art (IAIA) located in Santa Fe, NM. They were calling me to let me know that I had been chosen to participate in their Artist in Residence program! This news has had my head spinning since I have gotten the call!

I was told I will be working in the foundry where I will be able to experiment with my designs in bronzes and glass. In my experience I have seen many artists transition from clay work and other mediums into bronze and glass and always wondered how to go about something like that. Well, now I will be getting my chance!

When I first started out trying out to be an artist going to an art school crossed my mind a few times. Then, after a few years of going on the road to art shows around the country I met so many artists who had attended the Art Institute (IAIA). They all talked about how cool it was and how it gave them a huge jump into the art world. By that time I was supporting my family and the thought of giving up my income to attend an art school for 2 years was just not a possibility. I needed to keep the money coming in to live and it just wasn't something that could've happened.

This opportunity I've been given is a dream come true! I will be giving talks to different classes at the Institute. I will be taking my designs and experimenting in totally different mediums to create new kinds of art. I have been asked to collaborate with a couple of very well known artists to create a piece that will include students from the Institute and create such a powerful and meaningful discussion which I try to do in every one of my pieces anyway.

Valerie and I will be living in Santa Fe for 6 weeks! We consider our friends we have there a major part of our community and being able to talk and hang out face to face is going to be "Living the Dream"! Being surrounded by such creative energies is so exciting!

There are many supporting people involved in our dream coming true. King Gallery, with locations in Scottsdale and Santa Fe, will be hosting me on a few weekends letting me do talks and demonstrations for my work with buffalo horn. We've had a couple of patrons of our art step up and offer their help with anything we may need. Our friends around Santa Fe are excited and we are looking forward to having many creative art talk sessions in studios, coffeeshops and sitting around the fire!

I want to thank everyone who has helped support the arts in whatever way you did. Whether it was though buying art, commenting on our creations or whatever other way there is. That exchange of energies is so important for us all. The experiences, love, dreams and creative energies that go into these things we create have the Power to help us heal, bring awareness, understanding and make good relations.

Thank you for following our art.

Stay tuned and watch for all the exciting things that will be happening.

With Love,




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