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The Beauty Around Me, The Badlands and The Bombing Range

People are always asking me what it is like living in The Badlands. So I just wanted to write this blog letting you see some glimpses and videos of the beauty that surrounds me.

Branding day in the sandhills! Lots of relatives, laughs, hard work, good food and good weather! Such a good thing when people come together and help each other.

I will always remember when we use to go to my grandparents on weekends in the country. First thing I would do is run to the beaver dam over behind the barn. There was the coolest trail that went through the little groove of trees. It reminded me of a maze of sorts zig zagging around. Right through the trees were two springs you had to jump over. One of those was always a good place to get a drink cause it had a nice sandy bend in it where you didn’t get too muddy. Then just up a little hill and you could look down and see the dam. Turtle heads were all over and also a few sitting on the logs. Once in a while you could catch a glimpse of the beaver swimming across. The black birds and magpies seemed to always hang around the cattails that were on the north side of the small dam. Their songs were so amazing to my ears. To this day when I hear those songs I am taken back to those days. From the hill you could look 10 miles north up Cain Creek and see a wall of badlands. It was the most magical place for me to be. The views, the birds singing and little glimpses of some animal here and there. One of my uncles stocked the dam with some bullheads. The best place to fish at was right on the dam. The trail to that good spot was the best! It twisted around a ditch and a spring and a couple ol dead trees and a little bit of the swamp. Once on the dam we would always get wet but that was just part of the “fishing trip”. It was truly one of the most amazing places for me. After flooding all my senses for a few hours it was only a couple hundred yards back to the house for an amazing home cooked dinner by grandma which seemed to always have gravy, hot biscuits, beef and all the fixings! WOW!!

Don’t know why all these memories came back to me this morning. Maybe listening to the meadowlark video I posted. Crazy how all that happens....ennit!

Check out Some of My Videos, Enjoy!

“Medicine Hat and Shield” War Pony! Medicine Hat because of the black ears and the spot on his chest. Sacred to the Lakota and Cheyenne Peoples. “Blue” was stolen and missing for three months and we had just found him 70 miles away trying to find his way home. This was a few days after we got him home again. Special horse to us!

Rounding up cattle in the sandhills. So peaceful.

It’s hard to not stop and listen when a Meadowlark is singing! Love this song.

Great Horned Owls decided to nest directly above my studio! Guess they’ll be watching me and I’ll be watching them!

The Land is what inspires me on a daily basis!!

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