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Looking For Inlay Material

The Bombing Range Art Studio is located in the beautiful badlands of South Dakota. I find wonderfully colored stones and sandstone that I incorporate into my carvings.

Hunting rocks in the badlands gives me time to come up with new ideas for art and also replenishs me. It can be so quiet and peaceful.

Another fun thing about being in the badlands is the possibility of finding a Fairburn agate, South Dakota’s state gemstone. They’re hard to find and that’s what makes it so special when you find one. They are highly sought after.

Anyway, today was beautiful weather for November in the Northern Plains! Found one pretty rock and am ready to get back in the shop and create a NEW amazing piece!


Perfect rock hunting country!

Saw this porcupine in a big cottonwood tree

Being watched while looking in the White River for agates.

The scenery!

All kinds of rocks!

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