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“Weʼre Lakota Who happen to make art."

Kevin Pourier, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, has been carving Buffalo horn on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota for about 20 years. Pourier is one of the only artists in the country working in the medium of incised buffalo horn. The works he produces carry forward Lakota artistic practices for creating spoons and vessels of sublime beauty from the horns of the revered animal. His carvings reveal the beauty he sees in the world around us, utilizing imagery intent on inspiring thought, growth and creating the opportunity for education.


What inspires Me? Crazy Horse's Buffalo Horn Cup Below! Inlaid with Blue Earth color. I am making this same kind of art today! Proud to be REPRESENTIN! All those holes represent all the horses he had stolen. They went all around the cup. Amazing! at Peabody Museum, Harvard University. Second photos: Close up of Inlay Crazy Horse put into Buffalo Horn Cup. Those "dots" represented how many horses he stole. MY HERO! of all the items we viewed on our research this was the only one with Blue Inlay.

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The 97th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market Announces Best of Show Winner


This year's overall Best of Show winner is Kevin Pourier of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. 

"My work is a belt with portraits of Native women from around the country. During the Standing Rock protests, there was a lot of coverage about men. But the women were there. They were cooking and taking care of the families and then out on the front lines. My wife said, 'you need to create something for the women warriors.' The portraits are carved buffalo horns, used by my Lakota ancestors since the beginning of time," said Mr. Pourier as he accepted the award.

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