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“Mni Naunkicizinpi” (We Stood Up/Defended the Water) Buffalo Horn Belt

"'Mini Naunkicizinpi' We Stood Up Defended the Water. Black Snake Belt. Buffalo horn inlaid with mother of pearl, Sandstone, coral, gold mother of pearl. Buffalo horn carved and inlaid with every earth color I have. Scenes I saw at Standing Rock.

Not "pretty" enough for Santa Fe I guess but, neither was what happened at Standing Rock! I've seen images around here in Santa Fe of Warriors (all men) at galleries. This piece is dedicated to the WOMEN WARRIORS who were supporting!

I saw women cooking for thousands of people 24/7! I saw them marching in the front lines going up against the attack dogs and military. Getting maced, jailed and shot at! It was women that started the camp! Women Power is STRONG! Peace, Stand up, Protect! ✊🏽"

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