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Voice for the Monarch

World Wildlife Fund recently visited my studio to discuss my artwork and how I connect to the monarch butterfly through my art and heritage for an upcoming issue World Wildlife Magazine. WWF’s Northern Great Plains communications lead, wildlife photographer Clay Bolt, photographed me at work and several monarchs that are thriving on the milkweed that grows around the studio.

I was chosen as one of a select group by WWF to be the “Voice for the Monarch” in their 2017 National campaign for prairie restoration for the Monarch Butterfly!

We, Valerie Morgan and I, are very excited to have our creations be able to make a difference in the world for a species to survive. To make a DIFFERENCE with art! It’s always been our dream to use art to bring about AWARENESS.

We’ve worked hard on educating people about the struggle the Monarch has come across in this modern day world. Now, we’ll have even a larger voice!

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