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Fall Visit to Santa Fe for Gallery Talk

Val and I returned from Santa Fe, NM a week ago and are missing it already! What a great place to visit! I had been asked by Roxanne Swentzell if I would want to give a gallery talk at her Tower Gallery. Of course I said YES!!

The turn out for the talk was amazing! We stirred up the conversation and the talk about art, social issues and more art was really fun! Pretty sure everyone attending had a great time. After the talk Val, Roxanne, me and a couple of other artists that came hung out and continued the visiting...... I LOVE THOSE TALKS!

Almost every meal was with creative friends of ours who live in Santa Fe. We feel so fortunate to have the most awesome friends! Nothing better than talking about making art and eating and drinking and having lots of good laughs!

We were lucky one of our friends had just moved into a new home and had the coolest little casita that we got to stay in. It was surrounded by such a beautiful garden. The flowers and falling leaves made the perfect place to come back to every night to rest up from our long days.

Another thing we were excited about was that we were there for the opening of Bob Haozous and Rose Simpson's exhibit at the Wheelwright Museum. What an awesome exhibit! So POWERFUL!

Last August we were sooooo busy all week and in our booth and even after the show that we never got to do much of anything but work. This trip was so laid back and we did everything we usually never get to do. Just walking around and looking at art, eating good food, going to all our favorite shops..... it was great!

The Santa Fe Farmers Market is AMAZING! You can get almost anything you could imagine there! So cool!

Santa Fe is probably at the top of our favorite cities! I guess having really good friends there and hanging out with them all makes it the BEST!

There is so much to do there I guess we'll just have to go back NEXT MONTH AGAIN...... STAY TUNED!!! ;)

Until next time! Be sure to check out my website for all the news and upcoming events Val and I have going on! Exciting times and some very interesting things coming up!

Thank you for following us!


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