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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC 2018

Hello from the Badlands Bombing Range Art Studio! It has been an incredible few weeks since our big win at Santa Fe Indian Market. There are lots of exciting things coming up and in the planning. The trick will be to have all the energy it's going to take to keep up! ;)

We were invited to attend the new exhibit opening at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC a few weeks ago. There were going to be many people there that are involved with Native arts. We decided to go and connect. So glad we did because we had the most amazing time! We love NYC anyway so this trip was perfect!

We traveled to New York early so we could do our usual tourist thing. We love Central Park and museums and are also big foodies! We stayed in lower Manhattan in a great hotel close to many of the places we like.

Pier 17 is a great area that has been revitalized and has many great restaurants. Also, Stone Street, we just discovered is a really cool old street that was hopping every time we went there!

Stone Street

Pier 17

The party at the Met was AMAZING! We had so much fun! We saw familiar faces and met some new friends. Meeting people at those big parties are amazing because seems we all have something in common since it is all center around Native art!

Cara Romero and Diego were there too!

It was fun to see a few of our peers at the party and gather up after the museum party to talk about MORE ART!

There was also one of our friends who was featured on our prize winning belt who was at the party, Jodi Archambaugh-Gillette! We all went out to a great restaurant after...... lots of fun!

We stayed an extra day to rest up after the party. Central Park is always on our list of things to do. We love how it can be such a contrast to the busy hustle and bustle of the City life! Hearing birds and watching people getting away from the craziness of the "city that never sleeps"!

We had a wonderful time there and can't wait to go back!

Our next adventure is at the end of the month when we are going back to Santa Fe to do an "Artist Talk" at Roxanne Swentzell's Tower Gallery on November 3rd, I believe.

Be sure and stay tuned! I'll be doing a blog about that.

And maybe in-between now and then too since things are happening everyday here and there is LOTS of NEWS!

Exciting times!

Bests to you all.


Oh yeah....... one more thing happened!! My photo was BLASTED in Times Square!!!

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